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  • Jobseekers never miss any jobs; get automatic, periodic Job Alerts right into their inbox.
  • One stop control panel for Jobseekers & Employers to navigate through the system.
  • JoomBah Jobs lets users to register based on membership subscription without the need for a third party component. This is the first component of this kind to have this feature.
  • Apart from subscription, users pay for posting jobs, featured jobs, view Candidate's profile, applying to jobs, etc. making the site more commercial...
  • Jobseekers can track their Resumes being viewed by Recruiters or not and how many times it has been viewed.
  • One stop control panel for administrator to manage jobs, employers, jobseekers, subscriptions and component's configuration.
  • The component has been designed to manage the back-end very flexible and easy...

JoomBah Jobs 1.3.4 RC 6

on Tuesday, 08 January 2013. Posted in Announcement

We have released a new package for JoomBah Jobs in the 6th version dubbed JBJOBS 1.3.4 RC 6. This installment solves a lot of small issues in the admin section and includes several tweaks and fixes that would make your job site for appealing.
There are no immediate changes to this, so if you are happy with your previous installation please let it be. This version is meant for those seeking the best and latest of our JoomBah Jobs package.

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