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Pre sales FAQ

Where is your documentation?

You may view our documentation at

Is your source code encoded?

No. No part of our source code is encoded. You will have access to every line of the code which you can hack to your liking.

If I buy JoomBah now, will I be able to download new updates as they become available in the future?

Upgrades will be inclusive whilst you are subscribed to our plans (3 or 6 months plan), this includes all major and minor releases. Usage license is tied with your username/email for future support.

I thought the software was free. Why am I being asked to pay?

The software is GNU/GPL. You are paying for the online help and support for the membership and for future development of JoomBah. Usage license is subject to its own Terms and Conditions.

Does JoomBah do any "Call home" for license checking ?

No. JoomBah does not make any 'home' call to our server or any other server.

What you get when you purchase our membership?

  • Ability to download our Joombah Jobs component, you need a user account and pay the Registration Fee using the secure PayPal payment gateway. But don't worry - we only charge you for a fixed amount of time (no recurring billing) and what you pay for is only the access to this site. The software that you download will work regardless of your membership validity.
  • Ability to receive an undisclosed 1-to-1 session with our support team for any technical queries via our forum.

Where is the download link for JoomBah component?

  • Once you have registered and completed the payment process, the download link for any or all of our components will be available. At the moment we have introduced our first component i.e JoomBah Jobs component.
- As previously stated you have to register with us and pay the minimum USD40.00 to be able to download.


All our software is GNU/GPL licensed and can be used on any number of servers. It doesn't phone home, no hidden backlinks or referrers except to a reference to our site

You'll get access to our software and updates for a certain amount of time with all of our memberships - of course, the software will not stop working when your membership runs out!

Please click here to read the license.

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